Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids Technology

Smallest aids... Smartest aids... Most comfortable aids...
We have them all at Elite clinic!
At ELITE Clinic, we carry only the premium hearing aid brands
All our brands offer the latest in hearing aid technologies. We have selected them for their excellent hearing aid performance and quality laboratory support. We are very proud to have earned the preferred partnership status of ALL these 4 brands, Phonak, ReSound, Siemens, and Oticon in Hyderabad.

Our Audiologist will recommend the best types of hearing aids for your hearing loss levels. 50 types of digital hearing aids are available in our hearing center. We provide all kinds of hearing aids, which includes hidden, rechargeable, comfortable, water-resistant, smart phone compatible and powerful hearing aids. To ensure a smooth hearing journey, fine tuning reviews and cleaning will be conducted periodically. We work closely with manufacturers for after sales services.

Hearing aid technologies are so advanced today, we can now improve our hearing with clarity and comfort. It is important to note hearing aids are priced according to the technologies, not the size of the aid.

Do not make your hearing aid buying decision on price alone. Make sure you are buying the aids with the relevant technology that meet your lifestyle needs. For example, if you have an active social life but you bought a cheaper hearing aid without noise management intelligence, you may find it too noisy to wear the aids outdoor. If you attend meetings and frequent noisy restaurants, you will want to make sure your hearing aids have speech focus or directional microphone c

Below is just an abstract of some of the hearing aid technologies available in our hearing aids. It is best to discuss its applications and relevance to you in greater details when you visit us for a comprehensive consultation.

Speech and noise management
Feedback cancellation
Sound Relax
Multiple listening situation (auto)
Frequency compression
High res adaptive directional microphone
Directional speech enhancement
Sound brilliance
Auto acclimatization
User preference tuning
Sound recover

Duo phone
Real ear sound
Flex volume
Zoom Control
Stereo Zoom
Echo Block
Speech in Wind
Bluetooth (Hand phone/TV/Computer)
Remote control systems
And many more...
It is best to discuss this with the consultant to make this decision.

How to choose hearing aids?

This should be done in consultation with our professionals. It is important to ensure the selected model matches your hearing needs, lifestyle, situational areas of difficulties, expectations, budget, shape of ear, ease of use, budget and many more considerations.

Hearing care program or Main Activities in our typical consultation/s involve:

At Elite clinic, we carry more than 50 models with varying technology features, sizes and brands. It does not mean the most expensive hearing aid is the most suitable model for your needs. Hearing aids MUST be prescribed professionally, programmed accurately and a period of acclimatization is needed to ensure the highest customer satisfaction. A hearing care program with complete after-care services will be provided to help all our customers achieve quality hearing.

We do not just sell hearing aids as a product. We offer our customers a complete hearing care program that takes care of your hearing needs.

The following steps are involved.

History taking relating to your hearing and hearing health
Ear Examination and Otoscopy
Comprehensive adult and children hearing tests (AC, BC and masking if necessary)
Professional selection and prescription of hearing aids
First fit and training on hearing aid use
Pairing of hearing aids to hand phones, iPads and TV (depending on models)
One-month –review to fine tune first fit settings
Professional after-care half-yearly consultations
Regular hearing tests to monitor hearing loss
Follow-up fine tuning of hearing aids to match latest hearing loss levels
Supply of accessories for hearing aids use and maintenance
Repairs and servicing of hearing aids for optimum performance
National 2 years warranty for hearing aids. Hearing Aid Styles