Rechargeable Hearing Aids

A common problem for users of hearing aids is changing the tiny batteries that keep them running. Many older people do not have great manual dexterity. But now you can buy rechargeable hearing aids. You charge it at night the same way you do your phone, and get a full day of hearing aid life the next day.

The typical charge lasts 24 hours.Our long-lasting rechargeable hearing aids are the smallest available and are 100% easy to use Immersive sound for true listening enjoyment. Long lasting charge delivers superior hearing.

All-in-one charger holds enough charge to provide portable charging without plugging into the wall.Smallest rechargeable hearing aid are available with low price.

Smartphone connectivity

Some of the latest hearing aids are able to connect wirelessly to both Android and iPhone devices, which brings a whole host of benefits. For one, the wearer is better able to hear while talking on the phone. One of the biggest losses for people with impaired hearing is the ability to use the phone.

Another benefit to wireless connectivity: Users can download an app that allows them to adjust the hearing aid to different circumstances. (Different hearing aid companies have their own apps that perform in similar ways.) If you're in a loud restaurant, for example, you can tell the hearing aid where you are and it will automatically adjust to block out background noise and make it easier for you to hear the conversation at your table. (Background noise is the biggest problem for people with hearing loss.)
Patients can make changes to improve their hearing performance in real life and in real time. You don't have to touch your hearing aid to adjust it.

The technology also allows sound to be streamed from TVs and other electrical devices to a hearing aid. It's a much more direct connection, and the fidelity of the signal coming in is also much better.